Getting started with Freelance Grantwriting– what comes after the first steps?

Hi everyone,

I'm toying with the idea of freelancing part-time as a grantwriter to see if I like it enough to pursue it full time in the future.

I've read a lot of the "getting started" questions but I need help on the next step.

I've found and written a few successful proposals for an all-volunteer start up nonprofit I'm part of, raising around 15k last year. I have been working in nonprofits on the program side for the last decade, so I have a good base understanding of the sector's language, how nonprofits function, data and outcomes, budgets logic models etc.

What's the next step? Try to find a volunteer opportunity to work on a bigger grant? Try marketing myself for paid work on smaller grants? Get a certification of some sort? All of the above?


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