Getting into consulting as an MBA student

A bit of background. I have been working for a non profit for the last 3years in fundraising/marketing (with 12+ years in design/marketing before that). We went from raising $1.5million to $4million last financial year and we come up with some insane fundraising ideas. So it’s been pretty fun!

Over the last 12 months I have also moved more into the strategic side of the charity. Working with the social services and implementing some digital transformation across them. Also looking at corporate/social partnerships that can help the community (mostly looking at housing opportunities). I have also started getting an MBA during this time too, with the goal of using it to help charities and the advice/contacts I have been getting have a been a huge help.

My eventual goal is to move into the consulting space but honestly I have no idea what this looks like. I would also love to work with non profits internationally just to see what the world is up to (I’m in New Zealand).

I’m considering starting out with some freelancing and seeing how it goes. Has anyone else moved into this space? Any advice for where I should get started?

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