Getting a development/grant writing role

Hello everyone. I graduated with my Bachelors in Social Work in 2020, I really liked it but I found the direct service aspect really difficult and at times trying on my mental health, and found myself more drawn to the Macro side. I took jobs nannying and bartending in lieu of extremely underpaid case management positions until this past December, where I got a role as a program assistant for a local nonprofit. I would really like to do work in development, grant writing, fundraising, etc, as I find this more my speed, and also see it as a good place to be if I ever decide to switch into the private sector. I was just offered a job as a Hotline helper for another nonprofit. It seems like a great job, with alright pay, entirely remote, good work culture. However, I would really much rather do work in development. I don’t have a background in journalism/communication but I am a strong writer and very social media savvy. Will accepting this job lock me into doing direct service work? Is it unrealistic to expect to find a position in development at this point in my career? Any tips for securing a position like that with my background?

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