Generosity Commission (Or How to Encourage Lower and Middle Classes to Donate More)

From Vu: " Last week, for example, this article came out on the Generosity Commission, a new $3.8 million, 2-year effort funded by the wealthy to study why lower-and-middle income people haven’t been giving as much; it aims by Fall 2023 to make recommendations to get them to give more. You read that right. And if your eyes popped out of your head in bewilderment, or your screen reader exploded, here’s an article by the incisive Allison Carney called “Why the Charity Commission is a Waste of Time.” –

Highlights from the mentioned article by Carney:

  • "Giving is declining because you’re ignoring political donation
  • Giving is declining because you’re ignoring peer fundraising
  • This Commission does not seek to change the structures that have made GoFundMe our most reliable healthcare system. It will lay the responsibility of the decline in giving upon the shoulders of the inattentive and disengaged donor, ultimately blaming the ineffective fundraiser."

Not only are foundations granting miniscule amounts compared to their reserves, they're also oftentimes perpetuating the agenda of the wealthy (and mostly white wealthy). And then we have higher education: ivy league schools with endowments in the billions. Billions.

I'll also add that giving is declining because there are more, and people supporting more, social enterprises, like Tom's Shoes.

Curious to hear from others what they think and also what it would take to change the system.

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