Fundraising makes me feel like a loser.

I work for a nonprofit and every year we do a peer-to-peer fundraiser. I'm actually the events coordinator, so I'm intimately involved in the event itself. This year I was feeling optimistic and was going to put real effort into fundraising. I set a goal for $350, the cost of care for one animal at our facility.

I posted on social and 1 friend shared it. No one has donated. I feel bad asking my circle for money in the first place. My family doesn't really have money, my friends are all working folk who don't live where I do (I recently moved) so they don't have a strong tie to the organization.

To compound this, one of my new coworkers comes from a family of doctors and is getting $500 and $1k donations with minimal effort.

We have a staff competition each year but I jokingly told her this morning that it isn't much of a competition at this point. Im being lighthearted about it, but I am pretty bummed. I'm trying to focus on our mission and the real point of fundraising, but I'd be lying if it didn't make me envious that she is able to get so many donations from her wealthy relatives. It really takes me back to high school when I went to a nice school out of town from where I lived and many of my peers came from families of doctors, lawyers, dentists, and both my parents struggled for everything we had. Really makes me question the equity of peer to peer fundraisers, tbh.

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