Founder/CEO was being abusive to a voluneer/broad member

My founder(he/him) at a new non-profit recently forced one of the volunteers(she/her) out. The reason he gave was that she didn't do what she promised to do – contacting another volunteer. According to her, she has been contacting the volunteer but the volunteer didn't want to reply her. She told me that he has been verbally abusing her, calling her name, devalueing and dehumanising her through texting (she sent me screenshots of that, it was really insulting) since the day she joined. Initiately, I thought she was just one of the volunteers. Turned out that she actually signed the name together with the founder when they were registering the organisation – so she probably is supposed to be the co-founder as well. Strangely, she also signed the volunteer contract (months after) when the organisation got more volunteers. In the contract it mentioned the organisation should provide a safe environment to the volunteers. We got the registration paper, volunteer contract and screenshots of him abusing. But we are not sure what can we do. She was one of the members who actually contributes a lot, but he hostiley, rudely told her off that she didn't bring anything besides costing him money (when it's his decision to invest the money). I like the course we fight for but the founder has some questionable behaviours within the organisation. She knew the founder as friends, and she said that he doesn't really care about his non-profit and the reason he set up was because of a girl who works for his previous company. The girl asked help to get job for her mom due to a serous condition. Please advice her what should we do.

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