First Interview with a Hospital Foundation, any tips ?

Hi all,

I have my first interview with a hospital foundation in my city. My current role is a philanthropy coordinator in a niche non-profit organization. While it's been a great introduction to non-profits, the team is small, the pay is better elsewhere, and I'm looking for a role that's more defined and that I can focus more on, as my team will be 10-12x larger than my current team.

I had my initial phone interview Monday which lasted 45 minutes and asked a lot of typical interview questions "what is it about this role/organization" "why are you leaving your current role" "what e benefit can you bring to this role"

I have a second interview via Zoom on Monday but this hospital seems huge compared to my last role. I am beginning to research the hospital and foundation and reading the annual report but it is a bit overwhelming.

What kind of questions can I except from a major hospital foundation compared to a niche nonprofit?

My role relates to donor and stakeholder relations.

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