Financial reporting to the board-who’s responsibility?

I’m the treasurer for a disfubctional non-profit youth sports organization. I’ve never held this role. When we hold a fundraiser should a report be prepared and presented to the board at the conclusion of the fundraiser? And if so, is that the treasurers job? (Please say it’s not lol). I prepare & present a monthly financial report that details all income and expenses & current bank balance as well as upcoming expenses & unpaid bills. I feel like when we hold a fundraiser, the board members in charge of it should prepare report on the fundraiser-so far we have had 2 this year that involves selling either a raffle ticket or a coupon for a pizza. So this report would go over how many raffle tickets we gave to our participants to sell, how many were sold and how much money was brought in. I am not involved in fundraising other than to be there when money is turned in, it’s given to me and I write a receipt and I make the bank deposits and do the QuickBooks stuff. I would give the board members in charge of fundraiser the total amount of money collected but everything else would be on them to figure out and report back to the board. So should we be doing this and would I be wrong to insist that the fundraising folks prepare this report? More in comments…

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