Final interview for a job I’m on the fence about

Hey all– I have a final interview coming up for a job which sounds exciting, but I'm not sure I am willing to leave my current job for it. I am early/mid career; the role I'm interviewing for is as a program manager.

My current job is fine in many ways, it's just boring and I feel like I don't have much autonomy or space to make the role my own or grow. My supervisor is nice but our work styles sometimes clash (not something I've experienced in past positions). The other role I think would be more dynamic and interesting, and I think that I'd fit into the culture a bit better (culture at my current workplace is a little stifling, tbh). Pay is very similar. The role I'm at now is all wfh, while the new role would be wfh but involve quite a bit of regional travel, which I'm a little leery of.

This interview is supposed to be more of a 'discussion' with the hiring manager and the ED. What would you ask, what would you talk about? Thanks!

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