Fellow board member angry about project in early development that has not been voted on yet. Am I in the wrong?

My question is: how much has to be voted on by the board?

I’m a board member for an industry nonprofit that helps people working in our industry.

I recently came up with a project that would get money straight into our members’ pockets. One board member at the meeting took serious issue, calling it suspicious, and she did not like the plan. Given the thin quorum present, the president decided to table the motion to approve spending for the project.

One of the things I was told to do was to get feedback from more members than the ones I had already reached out to.

So yesterday we sent out an email to members who would benefit from this, 2,000 people in total. The email detailed that this is a project in development and seeking funding. The ED has asked me for more info to help him secure a grant that would pay for this.

My plan: get members involved, get feedback, secure funding, then present to the board again with funding secured to have them vote on the project as a whole.

However, this same board member is now upset that I am reaching out to people because the project has not been approved by the board yet. It is my impression that if the vote is only for the project spending approval I do no need a board vote to develop the idea and help the ED secure funding for it.

What do you all think?

We have a board of 18 people, a budget of $2 million, and a staff of 4, including the ED.

A couple of members have asked the president if the project is going forward, given the email, since they saw the project being tabled. She has now informed them we are simply seeking feedback and funding for now.

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