Facebook Non-Profit Pages – Issues With Donate Button

I support a number of rescue group FB pages and I can no longer add DONATE buttons to posts with pictures!!! These are all validated 501(c)(3) charities and the feature worked last week!

Pictures are essential to getting people to donate – especially during kitten season – right now! I keep writing to tech support and they tell me this:

" It appears that you're trying to combine a picture and a donate button in your post using the New Pages Experience. Unfortunately, we don't currently support this feature for the New Pages Experience. If you'd like to add a donate button to a post using the New Pages Experience, you'll need to make the post without using any photos, videos, or links.
If you'd prefer to add a donate button to a post that does include photos, videos, or links, you'll need to switch back to Classic Pages. You can learn how to switch to Classic Pages here:

A. ARE THEY KIDDING??? No DONATE buttons on posts with pix?

B. Their instructions are WRONG!!! There is no SWITCH BACK TO CLASSIC PAGES option

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and, if so, have you come up with a solution?

People don't donate on posts w/o pix in the animal rescue world!

Thanks everyone!!!

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