ED – Love the job, hate the board

Just wondering if anyone else feels this way. Been at this org for 8 years – members are psyched, parents and kids that are in our programs are psyched (we have unprecedented demand and a stellar reputation), staff and I are crushing…but god I hate anything to do with the board. They are useless and make shit decisions that hamstring us financially. Our total philanthropic give from them amounts to a few thousand bucks, and our current board president doesn’t do jack or have anything to contribute (no industry background, no non-profit or business management background, hardly even any work history to speak of as a stay at home parent.) Over the last years ive just lost respect for them all. Im considering quitting but it makes me sad since the job suits me very well schedule wise (lots of flexibility) and I feel like we are doing excellent work. The pay isn’t that great, but its ok for the area and its very rural and there aren’t many good jobs here without a big commute.

Anyone consider just ignoring your board completely and see what happens?

Anyone refuse to work with a sitting board president?

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