Does anyone have advice for people trying to leave the Nonprofit world? From development to …..?

I’ve been in Nonprofit for a few years now and lately I’ve been feeling really burnt out from it. Being in development it is very cyclical and I feel as if I could be doing similar work elsewhere for significantly more money.

I was fine with the compensation ($21/hr) when we were fully operational and I was also being “paid in mission”, but with COVID we’ve been at like 25 percent operation for a long time which has put a lot of strain on the dev team to continue to fundraise at maximum effort. And I feel as if all the extra effort is just to keep us functioning but hardly delivering our mission – thus feeling bland about the whole thing.

So my thoughts are…. What to do now?? Anyone have advice for taking your career down a different path after feeling unfulfilled and underpaid in development?

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