Do/would any of you use a freelance copywriter who specializes in nonprofits?

I've been copywriting for over a decade, mostly for businesses. I'd like to transition to copywriting for nonprofits so that my work has more meaning.

I've served on the board of three nonprofits, and found that very fulfilling (and exhausting), but they didn't do much marketing or any fundraising, so I need to learn the ropes.

So, I've done a dozen pro bono projects for nonprofits over the past few weeks. A brochure for a diaper bank, a website content plan for a Black maternal health foundation, a a grant proposal for a refugee camp, and a lot more.

(I highly recommend, an awesome website where nonprofits can get pro bono professional help in dozens of areas.)

I've learned a ton and REALLY enjoyed it. I feel like I'm making a difference instead of just shilling. I also feel like I'm really good at it.

I've been reading a lot of online resources and books. My favorite book so far is The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications. I think my copywriting style is a great match for fundraising communications, with some specific adjustments of course.

Can you recommend any books or online resources about fundraising or nonprofit writing?

After wrapping up all these projects i.e. fleshing out my nonprofit portfolio, I'd like to start reaching out to local nonprofits (not pro bono). I'm curious if this would be normal/weird/welcome? I'm pretty affordable.

Two more questions –

If you run a nonprofit that helps people, what do you call those people? Clients?

Would anyone be willing to look at my brochure or website and tell me if it would be appealing to you, or if my approach is off?

Thanks so much for any input! I'm grateful for your time.

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