Do people even care about serving on Boards anymore?

Alright… just a semi-rant in the moment. Our Board members are a mixture of talent and socioeconomic status. Today was the first board meeting following a wonderful annual training on Board responsibilities in March which most everyone showed up to. At our Board Meeting today, no one showed up thus, of course, no quorum and time wasted. Not. one. person. showed.

We are a new NPO founded in summer 2020 by me and we've recently added about 4 new members (we had a small Board to begin with). I'm doing extremely well with securing grant funds because of my skill at writing, understanding community needs and going after funding, auditing other federal programs, etc. A Board is critical for some many reasons. At this point, I'm honestly HATING the fact that they are so necessary to a NPO's functioning or maybe I just haven't found the right members yet. Or maybe I'm just temporarily upset of what appears to be their lack of leadership (there are other concerns I'm not mentioning here).

I know what I need to do, get others in. But you have to find individuals with at least a little passion for the work, who are not already bogged down by their own lives, and who are willing to step-up to be at the helm of another NPO. It just feels like a burden at this point.

I need coffee.

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