Do I mention I am looking at multiple volunteer opportunities?

I have been working with 2 volunteer matching organizations for six years now. (157 projects/sessions and rave reviews, thank you very much). The nonprofit posts the opportunity and volunteers submit applications. There is an interview and, if both sides agree, the volunteer is assigned to the project. Volunteers are encouraged to apply for multiple projects. The organization then provides several dates and times for the interview.

Experienced organizations know t schedule interviews ASAP to get a choice of volunteers. I find it frustrating when an organization with an attractive mission schedules our interview a week or more out as I know I may have 2-3 interviews in that time. I would love to tell the nonprofit "how the game works" but I can't seem to find a way to do that. I really hate to withdraw my application after scheduling an interview. I wondered if any nonprofits had thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.

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