Discrimination at a religious non-profit

So I work at a non-profit that refers to itself as faith-founded/based (so their principles are in Catholicism, but the work isn’t religious) but not a religious organization. I had some reservations going in because I am queer and non-religious, but I was assured that the organization was inclusive and wants people of all creeds.

Soon after starting a coworker made a homophobic comment to me, not knowing I was queer, along the lines of “Homosexuality is a sin. God teaches us to love everyone but in the end it is a sin.” They also said that the reason why homosexuality is a sin is because “In sex, men and women fit together like a puzzle piece. That’s not how it is between homosexuals.”

I’ve since filed a formal report against my coworker and I should be hearing the result of it soon, but I worry that the situation will be viewed as just a difference of opinion, or me being intolerant of different views. The HR person knows I’m not religious but the vast majority of the org is. We even pray at the beginning of every meeting! I’m not sure what I’m asking, but I just need advice. I haven’t been in the workforce long and I don’t want to be taken advantage of. I am just not sure because I feel like the rules might be different for religious orgs versus non-denominational ones.

TLDR; I work at a religious based “inclusive” org, had an incident with a coworker being homophobic, want advice on what precedents there are/what to expect in light of my grievance report against the employee.

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