data analytics for non-profits?

Is that something that is in demand for non-profits? Im in IT and looking to make the switch to data analytics. I have a BS in IT and only have a little over a year of tech support experience.

I've actually thought of getting an MPA, but not sure that is worth the commitment right now. I'm thinking about just taking some analytics courses at a really good community college nearby to help make the move over to data/business analytics. I'm really interested in the idea of working for a non-profit, but I fill I would need to be more confident in it since I'd probably be on a small team and have to make a lot of calls?

The college that offers a MPA near me also offers a graduate cert in Nonprofit management. Maybe that combined with data analytics experience would be a good ticket since it would allow me to understand what is really needed.

Are there legit jobs with data analytics for non-profits though? Im really interested in working towards that if I can.

I need to start volunteering, but with my current schedule it has been hard to find something that I can consistently do.

Anyone do this or see data analytics in need?

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