Crowd-funding idea for a small project, what are the legalities of a nominal gift in return?

I have been looking for a simple answer to this question but can't find it anywhere and I don't have a lawyer on my board. I'm hoping someone may know the legalities around this!

Short description: newish non-profit who funds a range of projects anywhere from 3k-100k. I want to run a short crowd-funded campaign, i.e. 150 people each donate $45, and those funds go to a specific project. Except, I would like to offer something nominal in return, like a sticker or a pin related to the project, and would prefer the costs of said product and mailing to come from the raised funds. Can I do this and is there a percentage amount that I need to stay under? I've gotten my fair share of tote bags/water bottles etc from my own small donations, are those gifts being paid for from my own donation or general funds?

I can structure the amount to either cover only the cost of the project, or a bit more to also cover the small gift, and while I would prefer the latter, I can make the former work as well.

Thank you for any advice!! It seems so simple and common practice with the big non-profits, but I can't find the specific answer anywhere.

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