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Good evening everyone.

Recently took on another 501(c)(3) gig as a Membership & Fundraising Coordinator after being military then a DoD Civilian for three years, then a small business owner lol. Looking for professional development programs that may be beneficial to getting me back on track in the non profit world.

Bit of background, after four years of Active Duty, went straight reserves and became the Assistant Director of a 501(c)(3) supporting a national Memorial in Virginia at the age of 22. They threw me in with no experience (outside high level event management) and was responsible for around 60k active members and $1.8M a year in development funds. We had a sister 501 that had a larger development/marketing department that helped with the minutiae of getting things out, a CPA to make sure I was working the books right, etc.. Did that for four years and learned a hell of a lot on the job with the support of our sister 501.

I’m now one of two paid employees for a non profit supporting a County Museum Division. We have four main sites and majority of our money goes to building new exhibits, research, as well as planning and hosting fundraising events.

Position has been vacant for four months so no one has managed the books, membership, etc. Blessing in disguise, the board is happy with me halfway starting from scratch and getting us into more of a maintenance mode.

So question 1 — Any tips on a good DRM? We’re using Past Perfect 4 right now which feels like it was made in 1997. I have experience in iMIS and Salesforce.

Question 2 — QB for Nonprofits? Worth it? Using QB2014 and the file is so outdated I’m honestly at a good point to change as I have to back track to reconcile transactions.

Question 3 — Any certificate programs or certifications worth it for getting my mind back in the non profit world? I’m planning on finally finishing my undergrad (made good money so never needed it) but I want something that can directly translate to helping the organization.

Thank you all for whatever advice you can give!

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