Considering moving into a part time position, looking for advice

Hi everyone! I am a finalist for a part-time (22 hrs/week) job and I am excited about the idea but also a little nervous. I would be the only employee for now doing a lot of the start up work with the steering committee. It is, however, a coalition of fairly established groups as well as the city, not a totally grassroots thing.

I am around ten years into my career working with nonprofits and am feeling pretty burnt out from the last few years. My current job is not terrible… but it is really boring and not much room for growth. So, the idea of being able to really shake things up with a job where I'm excited about the mission and where I can take a lot of initiative and learn a lot appeals to me, and the idea of working part time appeals to me as well– so I can focus on some other stuff I have going on (hobbies, side projects, skills development).

While it would be a paycut, I could live on the salary pretty comfortably. I'm also in a pretty stable place financially where I'm not as worried about a job not working out– my savings are good and my expenses are low; I would be able to weather a lot of storms (though maybe not a 2009-style recession 😬)

I liked the folks I interviewed with and felt good about them as a team– but also felt like they might not have thought through the nuts and bolts of the position all that well.

That's all the pros. But I worry about the cons– will it be too challenging to work with the board as the only paid employee, will I be pulled in too many different directions, will the amount of work I'm given be doable in 22 hours? Am I going to be laid off in 6 months? Is there going to be enough structure for me to be successful?

Any thoughts from anyone who has had a similar job? Success stories and cautionary tales? Thanks!

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