Certifications to reach my dream job?

Let me preface by saying that even though I'm in my late 20s, I have very little work experience due to a decade-long struggle with mental health.

Right now I'm working in internal communications for a Fortune 500. My job also includes a lot of event planning and coordination, and I work as a project manager for their pride committee.

My end goal would be to work as an entrepreneur within the LGBTQ+ niche. To get there I'd be pursuing a corporate career at an established non-profit first, with a fair amount of entrepreneurship on the side. For instance, organizing fundraising/philanthropy events for a non-profit, but also working as an independent event producer in the field of music/entertainment, or helping to manage a queer venue.

My education is not related to any of this. I have a BA – double major in English, Language, and Culture + Modern Language (French, Spanish). The bulk of my career up until I took the F500 job was in ESL teaching. I have completed an unpaid internship in the field of emotional support and behavioral health, and I'm currently working volunteering as a prisoner correspondent, with a few LGBTQ+ penpals.

I'm wondering what certifications or programs could help me get there – not just in terms of looking good in a resume (though this is also important), but also in terms of actually acquiring relevant knowledge.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

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