Can I crack it in development if I’m hopeless at math?

I am a newly hired Development Associate who only has prior small-scale event/fundraising experience. Love the org I’m with!

I suck at math, and numbers. I screwed up a very complicated report as a result on one of my first days. My head spins looking at excel sheets (also I have taken excel courses etc. and play around with it for practice but I mean I just get visually overstimulated). Wondering if I’m cut out for this career if I’m not a math person? Tbh, I thought the position would be more grant writing than reports and some math.

Ideally I’d be interested in transitioning into comms at a nonprofit OR transition into corporate giving/CSR (would prefer the first but I do have a corporate background). Regardless, I’d have to stick in this role for a year for that to be possible and I’m just wondering if it’s possible given my math issues.

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