Can board members raise funds for themselves?

Hi, I am part of a non-profit youth organization that has recently undergone a major re-organization related to some major wrongdoings by the previous executive board. We are all volunteers if that makes a difference. We held a fundraiser this year in which raffle tickets were sold by some of the youth who participate in our programs, the fundraiser is overseen by board members/program advisors. One of the youth programs participated in a competition several hours away, stayed over night and the following day went to a nearby amusement park-their parents paid for their tickets. It has just come to light that the two board members who run this particular program & attended the competition also went to this amusement park as well as an expensive themed-dinner the night before and were reimbursed by our organization. There was no prior approval by the board (which we have addressed) and we have been told by these program directors/board members that the organization has always allowed them to fundraise (sell raffle tickets) to pay for their amusement park tickets AND apparel. Is this legal? We don’t even know how many tickets they each allegedly sold. Are board members allowed to participate in fundraisers like this and use the organizations funds in this manner?

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