Can a non-profit company “deny” quarterly PTO due to administrative infractions?

My sister works for a non profit based in Florida. She told me today that her company denies employees their PTO based off a review of the previous quarter. For example, An hourly employee was denied 3-8 ( hiding the exact number for privacy) because that employee was late to clock in 7 times the previous quarter. They work from home and routinely work outside of paid hours due to the immense workload the company is under.

I just couldn’t understand how a company can deny an employee an entitlement based off those rules, but I don’t work for a non profit.

So I’m just curious, is that legal? How can someone deny 6 days of future PTO because a person was late a CUMULATIVE time of 1 hour over a quarter. ( 7 days they clocked in 1 to 20 mins late totaling just over 70 mins)

Tl:dr – non profit Denys future PTO days based off previous quarter review

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