Can a corporate communications degree be useful in the nonprofit world?

I just started as a development associate at a mid-sized nonprofit and I love it. Great team, amazing benefits, solid pay, and a wonderful mission. Best job I’ve ever had so far!

I am currently in a masters program for corporate communication with a year and a half left to go. Corporate comms is basically PR/internal employee communications/marketing. I’ve learned that I really dislike the corporate world, which is part of what drew me to expanding my side fundraising experience into a career. Anyway, I’m debating on whether to continue my degree or instead get a certificate in nonprofit management. It’s a lot of $, time, and energy. If it helps, my favorite part of my job is events, outreach, thank you notes, and grant writing.

So looking for input: would a corporate comms degree be useful in any way or is it irrelevant? Say I want to work for a nonprofit, or maybe even branch into communications in the nonprofit world.

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