Budgeting for pay increases

Some of you may remember my post from a month ago about an ED position with prohibitively low salary.

An update! I decided to accept the position and I began on Monday! So far, this is my dream job. I love the mission, the innate culture, the community and all the dynamic responsibilities of being an ED. I love everything except the pay.

My question really is pretty fundamental. When you are new to an org, and drafting a budget for 1-3 years out, is there an accepted methodology for increasing salaries?

I will be applying to a foundation we’ve been rejected for in the past. It is for a 2 year grant. They want a year 1 and a year 2 budget. I want to increase pay and benefits across the board; for myself and all the way down to the interns.

Do I just write in what I want to happen? Even if it’s a 50+% increase? This would be a budget projection, not an approved budget. I obviously can’t back this up with last years budget due to COVID and changes in leadership/fundraising.

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