Budget Cuts and finding new ways to fundraise

Hello everyone,

So I'm sure that any of you who work with survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, etc. know that VOCA funding was recently cut by 40%. This was a rather drastic cut, especially for smaller shelters and non-profits that rely on VOCA for the majority of their funding. Many of the shelters here in Arkansas are having to cut back on vital staffing. While I believe that my shelter will be okay, it is concerning to think about what we will have to cut back in the upcoming year in order to keep our staff and make sure that the shelter is up and running.

We recently created a Patreon to try and be more engaging with donators and have some ideas in the works to raise more money, but the question I am left with is if anyone has any more ideas?

I started at this shelter two years ago as an intern and I've worked my way up to volunteer coordinator and now I'm handling a lot of things when it comes to fundraising. I thought that something like Patreon would be easy for people to use and be something that's a one time donation and then they're done, but I realize introducing people to something like Patreon might be a deterrent. We're doing other things like posting a donator of the month and showcasing what donations go to, discussing what we do, the works.

Just need more ideas and anything is appreciated.

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