Breaking into the NP sector with a marketing background, need advice 🙏

My first few jobs out of high school were all canvassing and fundraising for non-profits and I've been a volunteer/donor all my life for causes that I've believed in (environment, animal rescues, support for the houseless). I somehow found myself in marketing and I'm great at it but I've grown disillusioned with pushing someone else's capitalist agenda that ultimately creates more plastic waste, promotes businesses where leadership is disgustingly bigoted, and does shit all for communities.

I had a full out Jerry Maguire manifesto moment not too long ago and haven't been able to shake off the idea that I should transition my skills to the nonprofit sector but I have no idea where to start and how big of a pay cut I would have to come to terms with.

For reference, I'm in Canada and I've been in upper management marketing for 3 years in retail and e-commerce.

Where can I learn the ropes of non-profit basics, internal workings, colloquialisms, role structures, organizational marketing needs etc. Without having to start from entry level positions in non-profit marketing?

Thanks so much!

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