Board Metrics – Does This Work?

I (35 M) will try to make this as brief as possible. My organization is small ($3 million budget) but growing. We are tasked with raising $700,000 this fiscal year (began on 9/1) I have been here as the development director for much longer than most would be, but I've seen us weather many changes.

We brought a consultant on board with over 30 years of experience, so I respect that. The board thought he would be bringing in new blood and now we have been doing a lot of board development. I am finding his tactics a bit aggressive and feel that he misrepresented himself.

Essentially, we intend to meet with every board member, ask them for their prospects, assign a staff member to each board member for accountability and go from there.

Our board is mixture of wealthy and middle-class folks and truthfully, have not been engaged in this way. Most of our dollars have come from larger foundations, not individual givers. We will be presenting this week and I believe they will see this as a 180 degree approach from the subtlety employed by me, my colleague, and my ED.

I may be completely wrong, but this seems like high pressure sales. I don't have a good feeling about this and several of the folks we've engaged so far have been hesitant.

Does this approach work in transitioning from a managing board to a fundraising board?

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