Board making poor decisions – any recourse?

Our board has made a number of poor decisions that, in my opinion, are against the interests of the organization.

  1. They decided in late 2020 to begin paying the founder (who no longer sits on the board but at the time of presenting his invoices did) for work he performed from 2012-2014 after he presented an invoice for his labor of the founding of the organization and out of pocket expenses.
  2. The founder traded lifetime memberships to businesses (owners and employees) in exchange for throwing a fundraiser to raise funds for the organization. The founder then re-negged on one of these, but not on another (his buddy's business). We have since formed a valuable relationship with the business whose membership was re-renegged, and I decided to cancel the seconds' business membership to protect our relationship with the first. This is a small community and the business owner whose membership I cancelled put pressure on one of our board members who blew up what seemed to be healthy discussions in support of my decision, and now they have voted to reverse my decision.

I believe the board to be unable to make good decisions when their personal discomfort in dealing with difficult individuals is at play. I also feel that they have put me in a compromised position – they have undercut my decision making (which they were in support of before I made the decision…I had conversations with the board president and the board member who blew everything up and they gave me a thumbs up). I do not feel that I can maintain integrity in our other business relationship when this business could find out that we are choosing to honor the same deal with another business.


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