Balancing professionalism and emotion when it comes to a pay cut at my dream job

As someone who has worked in the nonprofit sector for many years (and as someone who has always wanted to work for a nonprofit), I have always known that a large pay check wasn't going to be in the cards for me. However, I knew that my job would be fulfilling in other ways. After several years of working a nonprofit job, a position at my dream job opened up. I now get to work for a nonprofit organization doing fundraising and development for a mission that means a lot to me personally. In my last several years here I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this mission because I believe in it. And I have done very well at my job! I am bringing in more money (a significant difference from where our funds were before my time in the organization) than ever before. Through my love of the mission I have been able to reach out to more people than ever before. I am good at my job, and I am consistently reassured by my coworkers and supervisors that my presence is of great value to the organization.

Unfortunately yesterday after a meeting where we reviewed our fundraising goals for the year and the progress that was made, the conclusion of the meeting came down to me getting a pay cut on a technicality. Although my supervisors ranted and raved about the value I bring to the organization, because I didn't meet a particular line item goal (although I made up for it in considerable ways through the other goals), I will be receiving a pay cut this coming fiscal year.

I am a young, single woman living on my own. I already don't make a lot of money as it is (even for a nonprofit job). With rising inflation in the U.S. and increases to rent, gas prices, and costs of living, this pay cut is huge for someone like me. Not only that, but as someone who has worked so selflessly and given so much of myself to this mission, I feel absolutely crushed. Everyone keeps telling me how valuable I am to the organization, but I am now left feeling that even my best efforts are not enough. This is an awful way to feel about your dream job.

I am trying to maintain a level of professionalism in this, but finances can be an emotional subject for me. I am young, and as someone who has only worked nonprofit jobs, I don't know how a situation like this would be handled in a more corporate setting. I am so grateful for my job, and I don't want to have to leave it. At the end of the day, I do understand that this is just a job. However, I believe in what I do so much and I am so passionate about the work that I do, that it feels like so much more than that. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed here? Is it time for me to look for a new job? Is there a way I can approach my supervisors to reconsider? Or is this one of those things that it's just life and I need to suck it up and move forward? I appreciate any and all advice that you can provide me.

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