Automating small payment transactions? AKA tell me there is a better way.

SITUATION: A local, all-volunteer, non profit organization provides exercise and activity services to a community of about 40,000 people. They collect a small free from each participant for each activity or class.

Payment is on the honor system. Cash is received via an envelope on which the member user writes/scribbles their name, donation amount, and activity date(s) and then deposits in a lockbox slot.

Users have the option of depositing varying amounts depending on whether they elect a weekly or monthly plan.

Presently without a volunteer for bookkeeping, the Board president logs these small donations into the various spreadsheets and handles bank deposits. If this process could be streamlined, she would be able to spend more time representing the organization to the community

Does anyone have any experience with implementing a pay-in-advance card system, similar to that used in Copy Shops? Are the costs, and benefits worth it for a very small non profit? If there is a better place for this question, please let me know.

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