Are any jobs truly permanent at a social services nonprofit? Feeling confused…

Is it normal for a medium/small nonprofit (annual budget around $1.5 million, a dozen-ish staff members) to have many positions—both in programs and development—that are grant-funded?

For example, say there was an intern-turned-development associate who landed back-to-back outreach-related grants with their salary as part of the budgets, and now a third grant application is out there pending but their salary is only included in next year’s agency budget if that grant gets awarded. And if it doesn’t…oh well?

There are also many programs the agency runs through specific government funding, but I guess that’s never a guarantee year-to-year? So this is just normal for people in those roles to know their employment is always at risk?

Is this all normal is nonprofit social services? I’m new-ish to this sector and maybe I’m just not used to it? Or is this agency financially insecure and should be able to sustain staff/programs?

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