Applying for nonprofit job after working retail – question

Hi everyone!

For context: I graduated from college in Dec 2019 with a sociology degree. I worked at a very small, obviously failing nonprofit starting in March 2020 and stayed for only 6 months (quit in Aug 2020) because it was a disaster

I was unemployed for a bit after that as I was having a really hard time finding a nonprofit job, but ultimately ended up working at Best Buy for the last 5-6 months or so because the pay is good. Now that many nonprofits are hiring again, I’m confident that with my internship and community experience I can hopefully land an entry level job. But I don’t know if I should include my retail experience on my resume or not

TLDR: do I put my job with Best Buy on my resume or leave it off? I don’t want employers to think I’ve been unemployed since Aug 2020, but I’m also not sure how applicable a retail position is.


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