Applying for a job as a project coordinator, this is my first application for a purely Non-Profit organization.

Military vet (10 years active duty) after I got out, 5 years teaching in Asia, and a bachelor's in Business Administration. I am working on my application for a Project Coordinator position environmental NGO in Vietnam the program is a tree-planting program that aims to plant 1million trees here in Vietnam.

I am currently doing my Project Management certification and related training to the job announcement. I wanted to show initiative so I've prepared a sample report based on the needs of the project to show an ability to plan and present ideas in a professional manner. My resume and cover letter are also being re-written by an HR firm (the final copy will arrive this week).

My question is what else can I do to get my foot in the door and start working for a non-profit and work my way up as a project coordinator/facilitator/ Manager?

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