App for Managing Delivery Locations/Data Collection to Aid in Food Distribution Effort


Working with a small startup nonprofit that distributes food throughout public housing projects in Brooklyn. Currently the distribution method is to print out delivery locations, apartment numbers and MAYBE a name of someone in the household, then have volunteers check-off some data about the house, while also capturing random other pieces if they can (health problems that impact what food they can receive for example)

Looking for an app that could store the addresses and info, as well allow us to mark if it was delivered, signup new people, and collect other data (are they home? what products do they like?). All of this ideally would end up in at least a spreadsheet, though features for pattern and data visualization would be a plus.

The closest thing I've encountered to this are apps made for canvassing. MiniVAN or the like pretty much do what we need – you can store addresses and names, record different things about the location etc.

Thanks for the help!

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