Any jobs/careers that allow travel in the nonprofit sector?

I currently work for a local branch of a national nonprofit. It's been great and has given me flexibility and for NP work, the pay and benefits aren't terrible. I have a master's certification in nonprofit management but haven't been able to climb up the ladder as much as I thought I would considering my credentials. Combination of life events and moving around getting in the way. I'm currently working as a case manager.

My partner and I have decided to continue traveling around the country and will be purchasing a 5th wheel (truck and living trailer). With this life change, I'm starting to do my research into my options for employment. Does anybody else have some knowledge of jobs available in the nonprofit sector that allows travel, or at least allows a 6-8 month contract? I'm willing to extend my education or training, as well so I can move into a certain role. If you need my experience to see what role I might be able to smoothly move into, I can submit something in a PM.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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