Annual Review 4 months into new role, and similar job posting shows I accepted the lowest $ offer, do I have any moves?

I left a coordinator role for this current coordinate role as my new role is with a major hospital foundation and it was a 17% pay increase. Tbh, I barely talked salary during my interviews as I knew the starting salary would be more than what I was making. The salary scale here is 54.8K to – 65K. I was offered 55K and just accepted because I was SO happy to be leaving.

So now I’m over 4 months in and it’s just after fiscal year end so it’s time for performance reviews. I’m wondering, will i have to wait for my performance review this time next year before I can ask for a raise? 4 months in seems way to soon to be talking salary increase, but I also don’t want to have to wait 16 months until I am making more money. Should I bring up this question about when my annual salary talks would be given that the timeline? My manager is super super chill and friendly.

As well …. My team has posted for an additional coordinator role. And the salary posting is the same, meaning a new coordinator could very well be making more than me. I suppose I have to just suck it up and chalk this down to me not negotiating before starting this role?

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