Annoyed at transition process (sorry its a bit long)


Board is acting in strange secrecy with the transition process of me leaving and has already damaged some of our reputation.

I just needed to vent a bit today. So if you saw my last post in here a while ago, I was offered essentially my dream job basically now on the funding side of things, in a corporate environment. I've been an ED for 20 years, and this move essentially removes so much stress and anxiety. No more am I on call 24/hrs 7 days a week (there have been many a camping trip that has been ruined by crisis calls, etc). No longer am I in charge of employee schedules, hiring, firing, policies, etc. No longer am I going to wake up with anxiety sweats because we didn't get that 60K grant that we had budgeted for… all that. I love the mission of the ORG's I have run, but all the other stuff has just completely burned me out.

So this new gig, I'm seeing a 30% increase in salary, full benefits, profit sharing, make my own schedule, work from where I want… all that great stuff.

So when I resigned from my current gig, I spoke to our HR committee chair, and then sent a very nice and gracefull letter to her to share with the board. That was pretty much the last I heard from anybody on the board.

They met a few days later to discuss plans, and I have been shut out completely from the process. Mind you, I rescued this org from fiery ashes; the place was literally shut down, no staff, no policy and no money. I'm leaving it as a well-respected ORG in our city, with a 6 figure bank account and the best-trained crew in the area.

When I resigned, I told the board in my letter how to communicate this to the public because I have worked my ass off to bring in new donors and support and did not want to give the wrong message.

Well, a week later, all they did was post the job description on facebook, with no explanation at all. I, along with our outgoing chair (her duties were passed onto the new chair 2 weeks prior) received a flood of emails from concerned donors and community supporters. It looked like a crisis had just happened with the way they announced it – the world thought either I left in a huff or I got fired. My reputation was on the line.

The only communication I got back so far from my new chair is "we have selected a new ED, and we need to meet tomorrow to go over this this and this". If they would have included me somehow in this process the last 3 weeks, all this information would have been a part of this and we could have a really smooth pass-off.

What makes it worse is that during the interviews they hired another person to just work as a staff member here, but we have no place for them. All the hours we have are and have been scheduled out for months, and my small staff depends on those hours to feed their families. The search committee has never spent more than 1 hour in my facility, have no idea what the schedule or staff needs are, and now they plan to just drop another person into this mix without having a clue?

I just can't understand for the life of me why I've been stuck in the dark about all of this, or the secrecy involved with the 3 people on the committee. My outgoing chair is equally pissed about this process and equally clueless why the secrecy. My staff is nervous and I'm afraid two of them could walk out after I'm gone if this new other staff person is just plopped into the schedule, stealing hours. Why the F would the not consult with me or my scheduler about this??? What the hell man.

As spiteful as it is, on my last day I plan on just removing my email access and shutting off my work cell number and say "well, new ED, gotta figure this out on your own now with those 3 people from the committee". I built so much here, but I'm at the point of "fuck it, it's on you guys now".

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