Am I wrong for feeling like this?

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My NP is having a staff gathering this month, we're a smaller non-profit of under 30 employees statewide. Today I saw the budget for just housing, food, and childcare during a week long gathering and felt sick to my stomach. I feel wrong and disgusting being a part of something which is taking money under the guise of helping the poor/needy and instead giving it to ourselves for what is essentially a tens of thousands of dollars week long get away. I want to say something so badly but I dont know if this is unusual, or if im too disenchanted with the non profit industrial complex as it is and am jumping on this. seeing the money just made my heart sink, especially because I know it's going to cost more than the budget sheet I saw which didn't include travel, or activities that they're paying for us to do. This also is the kind of thing that we could do without spending this kind of money, but they're pushing it as we "need this" to reconnect with each other and to have time to rest. spoiler alert: I don't feel we are very functional as an organization , at all, and there's no need for this. I wouldn't be mad at the gathering alone but it's just the amount of money that's going into it, as well as I think it's contradicting our values and mission which we state publicly. (not to mention covid is going crazy in my area again)… Please tell me if I'm just being sensitive, if I should say something, or if this is all par for the course. I've been with this org for a little over 3 years, and worked in food service before this.

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