Am I being too pushy with my salary request?

For starters, I'm currently making 43k and I'm looking to make upward mobility for myself. I was given an offer of 46k for a data position but that wasn't enough to justify the job change, however they don't know this of course. I gave them a number of $52k which seems more align with my experiences and within the range they listed in the job application, they got back to me with 48k which I am still not extraordinarily happy about or anything. I asked if they could meet me halfway at 50k, but then she told me they have great benefits so it's not always about salary but said she will ask HR to see if they could reach that for me but no promises. Now I feel like I am being a bit too pushy with my asks, this is my 2nd job after college and my first time negotiating so I wasn't sure how to "correctly" do it or if I'm asking for way too much. At the same time I also do not want to sell myself short and I know they could afford this if they listed a range. What does everyone think?

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