Am I allowed to ask about a specific non profit organization on here?

As in, am I allowed to say “Has anyone ever heard of/worked for ____?”

This organization has a job posting I fit the qualifications for, is in my field, and possibly something I may find interesting. I was skeptical at first (mostly cause I never have all the qualifications when applying for jobs) since I never heard of the company. However, I did some research and it seems legit. Been around for 70 years, read mixed reviews from employees. But I wanted to see if anyone on this sub has worked for or heard of it. I also feel a little off about it but that honestly might be because I’ve never worked for a non profit and am a bit scared to apply because of the negative things I’ve heard about them.

I didn’t see it agains the rules but scrolling through here I haven’t seen anyone post about a specific company and I don’t wanna get banned. If I can’t talk about the specific company, I’ll just take any advice about applying for/working at nonprofits. Thanks!

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