All-volunteer considering converting to paid staff?

Our charity recently suffered the death of an executive officer, and frankly picking up all the paperwork was a little overwhelming. This is a project where the only folks putting in full-time are retirees, and while many of the volunteers are/were white-collar workers, nobody really wants to run things (the charity work is manual-labor oriented, and many of them like the contrast from their day job). We've been passing the buck around for a bit now, but it's getting to the point where recordkeeping is falling behind. The board is making noise about hiring someone to set everything in order.

On the other hand, we're fairly small (low 6-figures in annual receipts USD) and I'm convinced that contracting an outside accountant might do the trick. Is either approach especially preferable for a nonprofit our size? Furthermore, what would be our first step in either interviewing a prospective employee or finding a contractor for an organization that has never had either, or are there any really obvious pitfalls to avoid?

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