Advice on taking an ED job at a brand new nonprofit?

Hello nonprofit Reddit! I’m currently in an interview process for Executive Director for a brand new nonprofit focused on environmental justice. The salary range is six-figures, REMOTE (yes I know!) and I’m coming from a small nonprofit where I make less than half of that as a Program Director. The nonprofit seems incredible, like a dream job I couldn’t have even written myself.

But I have some doubts. Is this too good to be true? How can a brand new nonprofit pay someone that much? I’ve been at my current nonprofit for 6 years and I have worn just about every hat imaginable. And I know about fundraising and overhead. There is apparently a start-up fund secured of about $800,000 and I would be expected to hire 1-2 more staff and build out the business from mostly scratch, but the board seems highly competent and involved (they have been running the org as volunteers since 2017). They want someone who can come and get shit done.

What are some questions I should ask at my next interview, particularly in terms of fiscal health, and expectations for this role? What red flags should I look out for?

A six-figure salary would be life changing after working in this sector where I have felt so used and abused. But now I’m like – how can this go wrong? Maybe I’m too traumatized to see how this really is a big, awesome, opportunity. Thanks in advance for any advice about promotions, early-stage organizational growth, and executive interview processes!

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