Advice on Raising Funds for Children in Need


Fundraising. Looking for advice on book review for kids. This will be a raffle and all proceeds will go to the efforts for the “Save the Children” Foundation. I like this foundation because it lets you do a raffle. Does anyone like another foundation that I should go with and why? I am posting this to get the most profitable and success for this cause. Im looking for feedback on my story so that it will be interesting and a successful story.

I am creating a book about the Ukrainian story of lost children and I would love to see if you approve of the story line for kid appropriate ages. I don’t know if I should go into full detail about the Ukrainian war (bombings, etc) or I should just have kids being rescued and found again.

What would you like to hear in this story and what would be some good highlights for the story? What would you not like to hear?

This will be a horse book with cute little creatures throughout.

I want to keep it cheery and fun for kids, but I also want to be able to create emotion and awareness for what is going on in Ukraine right now.

Please be very critical and honest.

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