Advice on potentially big software donation


I am a software developer and I am new to the non-profit work so I am quite sure that your advice could help to significantly increase the effects of my work in this area.

As a developer of a text to speech app I came to one conclusion that made me to start this non-profit activity. After some analysis I have noted that my revenues would be still sustainable if I gave away software for free to the blind people and that I could technically detect presence of assistive technology to conclude if someone belongs to that group or not.

After some further research I came to conclusion that this could help millions of people and possibly even dozens of millions of people (assuming that nearly all of them do have an Android or iOS mobile device where my software is given away). I decide to say goodbye to some of my earnings that I had from this group for this great potential to do something good. Just for the record my software costs 7$ for unlimited use, but for example the only other app on iOS that has similar range of features costs 20$. As such this is potentially huge software donation. When I give away this software I don't have any monetary benefits from users (e.g. from ads or user data).

I was aware that the problem will be in reaching those people. I have started this activity in August and I have posted in the respective online communities regarding this. The reception has been quite enthusiastic, for example on Reddit this was one of the most upvoted posts in the Blind community this year. This has helped to reach at least thousand of people and as the word is spread it keeps up growing, but those numbers are still very low and far from the potential.

The real game changer is only if non-profit organizations and authorities in this field start to talk about this. I have written to many organizations that support blind people and thus far there has been no known effect. Technically it could be that some of them have provided this information to their members, but I would expect at least some reply in that case. There were no mentions in any blog, podcast or social media.

As such I am probably doing something wrong. It could be that the message is not reaching the right people in those organizations. It could be that they find that I don't have credibility to be taken seriously. It could be that August was vacation time. It could be something else. I don't have much experience in this so I can only guess. Can someone provide any advice on what is the best strategy to deliver this message to the right people? Thanks everyone in advance! I count anyone who provides even the smallest help as a valuable member of this effort to help the blind people!

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