Advice on how to break into legal nonprofits/civil rights groups?

Hi, so I have been trying for the longest time to get a job in the non-profit field. Specifically in civil rights advocacy that intersects with racial justice issues. I've volunteered for an affiliate of a broader organization for over two years and when an opportunity in their headquarters opens (in respect to my experience and interests, I've only looked specifically at their headquarters since it is in NYC where I'm based now) I apply and never get offered to interview. I've been lucky one time and that was because I really made an effort to network with people at that location but ultimately the job went over to an internal candidate.

Some background: I'm a recent college grad who quite recently started my first job at a big law firm, however, I know I never wanted to work in Biglaw/corporate in the first place (at the time I accepted the position I was just desperate to move out and the post-grad/unemployed depression was really bad). I have a lot of experience related to research, volunteering at two different orgs, an internship for a Congressional Campaign, and a lot of student leadership positions. Everyone who has looked at my resume and cover letter seems to be extremely impressed by my work, and everyone at my job besides management that's seen my LinkedIn/resume is confused why I didn't end up in the non-profit sector. But since I've been so unlucky in the job hunt I took this current position in a heartbeat even though it's not aligned with my interests at all.

So I was wondering, from fellow advocacy/legal folk, what's some advice to get a job in the field? Even though I have this current job, it is nowhere near what is aligned with my goals and passions in the legal field and I realized I don't want to waste my time for 6-8 months (and instead just leave as soon as I can with a job somewhere else, I know it's taboo' but even though 6-8 months isn't considered long its still my time being taken for something that leaves me feeling icky by the end of the day)

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