Advice on how to approach ED about colleague not pulling her weight

Hi all, new to this sub and glad I found it! I'll try to keep this short. I work as a program developer with a small nonprofit (3 part time staff most of the year, including myself). The structure is: the executive director, who also runs the larger national nonprofit we're nestled within; the colleague in question, who is the lead program developer, and myself. My colleague and I started around the same time 2.5 years ago.

Over the last year, our organization has grown and transformed a lot and we now have an active set of over 90 local high school volunteers at any given time (for context, we didn't even have a volunteer program at the beginning of the year). I spearheaded this. I also do communications (social media, website, newsletter) and most of the miscellaneous admin duties, all at 20 hours/week. My colleague is supposed to work 25 hours/week but I have no idea what she's even done in the last 3 months besides write one grant app, with my help. It's gotten so bad that she didn't respond to one volunteer's emails for 2 months (initial email + 2 follow ups) and the volunteer's dad ended up emailing to ask what was going on…. FYI we share a central email between the two of us so I see this type of thing.

I'm honestly drowning. She's clearly checked out, doesn't really care, and everything is on me. The ED doesn't know any of this, I think he believes we work equally on things?? I set up a meeting with him for next Friday to go over my concerns about hours, etc. How do I bring my concerns up without throwing my colleague under the bus? She's a great person and we get along super well, I just think she believes she's above this role (so why are you here? is my question). She's almost finished her PhD and teaches at the local university. Over the last 2.5 years, she's done just enough here to skate by without the ED noticing any red flags. It used to be manageable but we've grown a lot and I can't do it all myself anymore.

I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions for how to navigate this situation! Thanks

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