Advice for someone trying to start a career within non-profit /community outreach.

Hello everyone, I recently started working towards my goals in making a career within the realm of non-profits and community outreach. With that said I’m at a roadblock because I haven’t gone to school and it is not much of an option for me due to finances and most of the jobs I find are all asking for a degree of some sort. I’m wondering if there’s any links, resources or advice I could get to help me move forward?

As of right now I’ve been trying to build experience by running the community outreach for my local retail store and I’ve learned how to work with and make connections with other organizations. I have also ran some of my own fundraisers in my area but I’m at a loss with what my next step should be in order to achieve my dream career. Any advice or resources would be wonderful! thank you. (Sorry if this post breaks the do the work rule, I went through the links and have been googling as well and I can’t quite seem to find a solution.)

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